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Master List Of Complications/Disadvantages


The original Master List, the Master List of Psychological Limitations, was conceived and started by a guy named Chris Maka. Unfortunately, he not only never finished the list, he disappeared almost completely from the Internet shortly after starting it.
Jack Butler found this nascent list and decided it was too good a resource to just let die. So he completed it. Then we added the other types of Limitations (Physical and Social), since they seemed like a good idea, too. Since then, hundreds of people (including those not even involved in the Global Guardians Universe) has made use of these lists. Feel free to do the same.
Oh, and as a postscript, Chris Maka contacted us and said that he was glad someone finished the list. Always nice to hear that we are doing a good job.
At the end of 2007 Jack put out a request to find some one to host the list since the Global Guardians site had become a defunct website. I stepped up and offered to host it. Converting the list from just HTML into a SQL database in the process. Hero Designer Prefabs have also been created and lurk out there somewhere.
2016/06/05 - After doing some searching, it turns out that the various lists kept around the internet have all disappeared, not been fully updated, or fell into disrepair. So I climbed into the engine of this forgotten website one more time, and have repaired the SQL connection. This probably means I'm going to look at my website and update it in the near future... for now, Hero Gamers, the Master List is resurrected once more.

Using The Lists

The only note that needs to be made is the values presented, sometimes several, for each Disadavantage are suggestions or generally accepted universal values. But everyone's game is different, feel free to assign a value that's appropriate to the campaign you're playing. There are approximately 65-80 entries per page, that way they don't run on forever.

The Lists: